ALS Life Sciences Europe is your reliable partner for chemical analysis of environmental samples; soil, water, biota, emissions and waste, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and others. ALS offers a broad portfolio of tests including microbiology, organic contaminants, metals and isotopes. Below you can find links to our national websites and general contact information.

Latest news

Human Biomonitoring

May 26, 2016

No matter where we live, we are surrounded by chemicals. They are in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat, the products we use, and in the clothes we wear. Their presence in our bodies and the interactions they create remain, to a large extent, unknown. Human Biomonitoring is the process of monitoring body burden i.e. to what extent chemicals surrounding us have entered our bodies.

Over the... Read more »

Stable Isotope Analysis

Apr 27, 2016

ALS laboratory in Luleå, Sweden has a unique position as a leading global provider of stable isotope analysis. This position has been achieved by offering a premium service to clients globally over the last two decades.

Robert Omberg from ALS Scandinavia comments:

We have developed a portfolio of analytical services that were initially directed towards research societies and universities into a commercial product. The key behind this development has been a... Read more »


Apr 7, 2016

ALS runs one of the best equipped laboratories in Europe for dioxin testing.

The laboratory, located in the Czech Republic, has developed an enviable reputation for their service level and technical capabilities.

Clients using this laboratory will benefit from short delivery times, dioxin testing accredited... Read more »

ALS in europe

ALS Life Sciences in Europe employs over 1200 professional laboratory and support personnel in 40 locations across 13 countries. The European network consists of modern, analytical, ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and national service centers. Main laboratories are located in the Czech Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal and Denmark. National service centers and smaller laboratories are located in Norway, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland and Spain.